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Your body is worth more than a piece of jewellery that costs 20 cents!

Your body is worth more than a piece of jewellery that costs 20 cents.

I sometimes get asked the question of "Why is your jewellery/piercing prices not $40 or cheaper?"

Everyone loves a bargain, its true! And i totally understand (I'm a sucker for a good deal just as much as the next person)

But when it comes to safe body piercing practices paying a little bit more for experience, knowledge and quality goes a long way and can help you get the best for your money right from the start.

Quality internally threaded or threadless jewellery made from higher grade materials... aka "Implant Grade Metals" which are safe for human wear cost more for a professional piercer to purchase, stock and use in procedures.

(We can compare this to an externally threaded steel bar... which can cost as minimal as 7c per piece from china. These bars can contain high levels of Nickel or mystery metal, and these pieces are generally unsafe for human wear.)

This in turn, means that the price of a quality piercing using safe materials goes up slightly. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Professional Piercers using implant grade jewellery usually cannot price match with someone using lesser quality pieces in their procedures without taking a financial loss.

But it's not just the quality of jewellery, but the medical instruments, sanitary tools and sterilisation times required to perform a safe piercing procedure that can affect the price. Going with an experienced piercer who is using safe supplies and purchasing an Implant Grade piece of jewellery initially can save you hundreds during the life of your piercing and massively reduce the chance of complications arising.

So when you see that cheap 'Too good to be true' piercing price pop up. seriously consider the circumstances and ask yourself how much of a bargain shopper are you? And would you risk your health and safety to save $20/$30/$40.

In the photo below we can see up close a steel, externally threaded bar (right) next to a high polish implant grade bar (left). I wholeheartedly believe this image speaks for itself.

**Some amazing piercers do sometimes run specials on their piercing fees from time to time, but this usually means that they take a hit financially, which sometimes we are willing to do - whether it be for a good cause/charity or just to give back to our loyal clients. But in the day to day scheme of things, the prices are set to cover our tools, quality pieces of jewellery and expertise in our field.**

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