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Why you shouldn't sleep on your new or healing piercing!

We get it. Sleep can be a little uncomfortable after being pierced!

However, it it really important to be mindful that sleeping on your new piercing night after night can cause huge issues down the road.

Above is an amazing visual that helps to explain what can happen after sleeping on your new or healing piercing for an extended period of time. The bar can migrate, change angles, create scarring and just be generally unpleasant.

This can cause a lot of issues when it comes to changing your jewellery too as once it is on an angle like pictured above, it is almost impossible to get something to sit nice and flat.

It is recommended to use a travel pillow to aid in sleeping safely after being pierced. It is well worth it and many of my clients can see why I push this in my aftercare advice.

So keeping it short and sweet... Do Not sleep on your piercings! Or at least try not to! Your body, your piercing and your piercer will thank you for it.

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