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Just some handy tips for your appointment with us at Ritual!

Some handy tips to get yourself ready for your piercing appointment with us at Ritual!

●Make sure to eat a proper meal before attending your appointment. This helps you to feel your best afterwards!

●Shower the day of your appointment! It helps us ensure we are giving your new addition the best conditions to start its healing journey!

●Tie your hair back if you can! This is just a huge help to us when it comes to marking and prepping, so we appreciate it and also its a great thing to keep your hair off a new piercing if possible!

●Bring some lollies or a can of your favourite drink with you. This can be a nice comfort if you are a little bit nervous!

●Be on time to your appointment! This helps things flow with minimal stress, which helps us make your appointment a smooth a memoriable one!

●Remember to Breathe. Dont stress yourself out before arriving! I promise we are all super friendly and are all 100% willing to hold a hand if necessary! 🖤

Some handy tips to help you lovely humans through your piercing with us at Ritual!

We know it can be a lil bit scary, but we promise - we've got you! 🥰

●Let us know amy concerns you have! We are always more than happy to address and put at ease any things that may be making you a little nervous!

●Dont be afraid to speak up, about placement of your piercing - we wont be offended in anyway if you ask us to mive the dot. Its your body, we want to see you happy!

●Ask us questions! If you would like to know anything about whats happening, ask! We will always answer calmly and respectfully!

●If you need support, let us know. We are more than willing to take a minute to help you feel more comfortable.

●Wiggle Those Toes. It helps - Trust me haha

●Remember to Breathe. Listen to instructions and you will be totally ok! You will be in and out before you know it!

Some handy tips to help you relax after your appointment with us at Ritual!

●Keep your hair up and away from your piercing if possible. This will help prevent any tangles or pulling!

●Do not sleep on your fresh piercing. Please. If you must, use a neck pillow to reduce pressure on the area as much as possible.

●Take pain relief if suitable, and needed

●Stay Hydrated and Fed. Drink water and replenish your body so it has rhe strength to begin healing your new piercing!

●Relax the first few nights. Try not to do anything too strenuous in the first few days and nights. Give your body a break so it can focus on healing!

●Remember to rest! This means get a good nights sleep after your booking and rest when you can. Your body will thank you!

We hope these help!

We cant wait to see you at your appointment 🥰🥰

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