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But... Does it come in black?

As a piercer, one of the most repeated questions we hear is... "Do you have it in black?" and to be honest, it's a good question! Black Body Jewellery fits into a range of styles and aesthetics so we do understand the frustration of not being able to get a million pieces in Black!

See the thing with Black Jewellery is, it is incredibly hard to find in SAFE materials.

And the last thing I will ever do, is offer you sub par metals purely for aesthetic.

Most cheaper options are made with carcinogenic acrylic, painted or plastic PVC coated over horrible quality metal, which will eventually flake and lead to a multitude of problems for you and your piercing. And no one likes a problematic piercing!

If you are a piercing fanatic or have simply been pierced by a professional in the past, it helps to take a second to think back to all the standard metals used in body piercing - None of which are naturally black. So knowing this, begs the question of how we safely make black options available to our clients?

The great news is - We do have options! We just need to get creative... and possibly up our budgets slightly!

There are actually suitable options made from high quality metals that can actually be made black!

Niobium is a great option for Black seam rings or captive rings. This metal can be torched under flame and turned black, then polished into a gorgeous gloss black or matte black finish.

The downside to this is that Niobium is an extremely soft metal, which is why it is great for rings... but not really a viable option for posts and threaded attachments.

We also have the option of Black Rhodium overlays on Gold pieces!

This is one of my favs! Black Rhodium is a great option to reach that goal of a darker styles aesthetic. BVLA offers a gorgeous Black Rhodium option in most pieces. And it is so so dark!

The only downside to this particular option is that Black Rhodium can fade over time, especially in high wear areas. However, it will NOT flake. And can even be re-plated - but that can be a process.

The great news is that each and every day we have knowledgable piercers and Jewellery manufacturers who are trying to come up with SAFE new ways to be able to offer this tone of jewellery to our clients. And we are slowly making progress!

In the not so distant future I am sure we will have many more options become available, and I for one, am excited!

So toss that Ebay bought black nose ring, and do your body a solid.

Invest in yourself, invest in safe body jewellery. Your body will Thank you!

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