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At What Cost? What you really get when you shop for price over experience.

This has been a blog post that I have been wanting to write out for a while, but have been stuck on how exactly to put it together.

Something that I deal with pretty much daily, is new clients price shopping or trying to price match me with low quality studios. Let me just say this - It will never happen.

But, I would like to take a second to explain why.

  1. Your Body deserves the best. It is my responsibility to give you that.

This means, me taking the time to learn and further my education each week to ensure that my skills and knowledge is completely up to date. I have also studied and dedicated over a decade of my life to my craft, and I am no where near done learning. I do all of this because I want to make sure that my clients are safe, and being offered the most up to date procedures and jewellery options. Because as YOUR Piercer, that is MY job. You are paying for the years I have spent learning how to safely perform my skillset.

2. My Jewellery and Setups cost more!

Professional studios such as myself and other AUPP registered studios, work with high quality tools, equipment and implant grade jewellery options! Which in turn means our costs are slightly higher, but for the quality of the service you get and the relaxing thought of being pierced by someone who is trained - its worth it.

I have seen some local sub par studios offer $40 piercing specials with jewellery included and the question I always ask myself (and I urge other people to ask themselves the same question) is - how many corners do you need to cut to be able to not only offer these prices - but also make a profit off them? How many Vital steps in a safe piercing procedure do you have cut out to be able to undercut your competition?

And at what cost. At the cost of your clients health and safety? ... No Thank You!

Because the rule of "Cheap piercings aren't good, and Good Piercings aren't cheap!" still stands!


When getting pierced, It is vital to remember that even though "Its just a piercing", this is a minor medical procedure. We are creating an opening in your body and replacing it with a foreign object. Now, I don't know if its just me... But i would not let my landlord, my subway sandwich tech or my beautician or lash lady - pierce me?! I would seek out a professional piercer, trained in piercing, who offers and specialises in... Piercing!

And I urge you to do the same! Do not be a guinea pig for someone who is untrained and just trying to make a buck at the expense of your health and safety. You deserve so much better!

I have seen some absolutely awful piercings walk into my studio on poor unsuspecting clients, who fell victim to the "Cheap Piercings" Trap performed by people with little to no education. Don't Be Next!

Stop price shopping professionals against untrained and frankly low quality studios, it will never work out in your favour! I promise!

Save for an extra week, organise a laybuy or payment plan with your piercer - but never ever settle for second best! You, your gorgeous face, amazing ears and cute belly button are worth so much more than that! <3

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